Happiness of Halloween

Halloween is tomorrow.. I wonder how many little vampires, ware wolves, witches and zombies will be knocking at the door tomorrow yelling Tick or treat! 

J and Bunny on the other hand are telling me they are dressing as Woody and Dory. (Toy story and Finding Nemo / Dory)

Someone tell me mine are not the only children who don’t like the scary dress up!? I remember last year offering J a dress up outfit from Sainsburys but he refused and told me he wanted to go as Buzz Lightyear which he had at home! Bunny was dressed in Js old outfit from when he was younger which was glow in the dark skeleton pjs! 

But if they want to dress like that, who am I to tell them they cant! 

Today we drove to my parents and we picked our Pumpkins that my dad grows for us every year!

The kids also had a run around the field with the chickens and pigs! The photo above is of Penny aka Mummy Pig. She’s due ickle bambinos soon! So wait for the arrival announcement on them 😉.

Once home the kids got started with the pumpkins. J designed his himself, drew the design on the pumpkin in pen and of course I carved out the design but he scooped out the insides ready for me to do so! I love his! 

Bunny asked for Princess Anna from Frozen, which I was planning to attempt, but after thinking about it for a while I decided to go with a character a little easier to do! 

And me and Tom done ours after the kids had gone to sleep!

Mine (the above on the right) was meant to be Tim Burtons Cheshire Cat, but I’m not 100% sure it’s that obvious!

And here they are all together. 

My dad gave us 6, we carved the 4 as above, I gave one to my sister in law and with the remaining one I made wrote Happy Halloween on it with a gold/ bronze sharpie marker. Chopped a few hydrangea heads off my plant in the garden and done a little mini photo shoot for this very pretty pumpkin! 

I love this and although these photos were taken outside its now sat on my kitchen window sill.

Enjoy Halloween. Eat sweets and be safe!

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