Autumn – Crafting with Kids

On our mornings walk home after dropping J at school today, we collected some leaves. 

Both the kids love walking through fallen leaves and listening to the crunch and the rustle. Bunny in particular is a fan of collecting them. She last done so on a dog walk with a friend on Tuesday morning, they then went into my pocket as requested of which I then forgot. Another place they tend to end up is the car!

Today I thought we would make something with them, instead of them going crispy in my pocket or the foot well. We already attempted to paint some leaves for Halloween but never quite finished them. I had seen white painted leaves hung upside down with a ghosty face drawn on- that is what I had intended to do but hey maybe next year.

When we got home using some glue and gold glitter Bunny made them sparkle. Left to dry for a while and tied them up into a a little garland which we hung in the porch over the front door. 

Bunny also dumped the remaining leaves in to a silver bucket which I hung on a hook inside the porch. I then glued a few pinecones to a hanging heart along with one large glittered leaf of Bunnys to create a little door wreath!

It was something fun to do with Bunny, she loved it!! She loves to be hands on and helping mummy. I also enjoy finding something seasonal to do with the children, I would like to continue to dress the porch and eventually other areas of the house per season with the kids help! Christmas next- I’ll definitely need both my little helpers for that! 

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