The John Lewis Christmas Advert.

You’ve seen it haven’t you? I mean everyone has seen it right!?

If you haven’t then here it is, #BusterTheBoxer.

What do you think? I think it’s really sweet, and for a change doesn’t make you want to cry! Mix of children and animals is going to be a winner for many! But I’m not a big fan of their song choice for this one. 

My all time favourite John Lewis Advert was the Bear and the Hare 2013,which maybe obvious! And the making of that advert was incredible! If you haven’t seen how they made the Bear and the Hare then check it out here. I wish I could have had the props for that one! And Lily Allen – That voice, that song was simply beautiful! 

The Christmas spirit hasn’t found everyone yet and plenty of people cannot stand these Christmas adverts popping up early, but come on people we are in November now!!! 

Christmas adverts and songs make me feel so happy, I do have a few posts in planning which will be my Christmas soundtrack and favourite movies. So make sure you read that one! 

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