We have babies!!!!!

Just to clarify, by babies, I mean Piglets.

Those who have been following my posts/ read any pig related previous post may remember that my Dad keeps pigs!

I thought I’d share some lovely pictures of them, because they are simply beautiful and worth sharing with y’all! 

There are 3 runts, the difference in sizes of these piglets is unreal! One of the runts (see the one with green on his back in the picture below)is refusing to suckle from mum so we have taken to bottle feeding him, which he is taking to ok at the moment. But he still sleeps with the others and stays with them and mum.

Mummy pig is extremely chilled out, and happy to allow us up close with her and the piglets.

The kids are in love!!! 

The photo above is my favourite! Two sleeping beauties, mummy and baby! Just perfection!

I will keep you posted on the little runt, I’m visiting tomorrow so watch out on Instagram for some more photos! 

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