Dream a little dream of Etsy

Ive not been posting as regularly as I usually like too, Ive had my head in the clouds thinking of my new plans. As you may have guessed it involves Etsy. 

Last year I created an Etsy store. But I am yet to stock it for many reasons, firstly probably laziness. But the other is my research, many emails sent, many google searches and Im still worried.
I’ve got many friends and family who are so supportive and encouraging of this dream I just want to make sure I give this a good go and make them proud.
Asides from my usual crafts of decorated wooden initials/ shapes, clay and framed items I am delving into the world of digital art. If you have been on my Instagram lately you may have seen a few little previews. I create my prints using my Ipad Pro, Apple Pencil and the Procreate App. People can download these as soon as payment has gone through and print at home or use for other creations. I also plan to print items myself such as cards, but I need to look at the paper : Ink ratio and ensure it is worth while. 

I initially researched using independant printing companies but I think that will be something to work towards when and if my company grows.

But I really need to pick up a real paint brush again soon.
Does anyone have any help, tips and guidence about setting these types of stores up on Etsy?

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