Tea party in wonderland! 

For my 30th (yes I’m now 30) I was taken to the Sanderson Hotel in London for The Mad Hatters Afternoon Tea Party. It was a gift from my lovely brother in law and his gorgeous girlfriend Chloe. We were also joined by my mother in law and sis in law.

It was so amazing, we got there a little earlier and was told they could have a table ready for us inside straight away or we could wait 30 minutes and be seated outside. We immediately asked to have the table outside, the outside area is gorgeous and is in the middle of the hotel. We sat at the bar and had a glass of wine whilst we waited.

Onto the tea party • You choose your own tea, which are individually named;

Cheshire Cat, Queen of Hearts, Alice, Mad Hatter, White Rabbit. I chose Alice- it was lush! 

We were also given cocktails. 

Food was lovely, they accommodated different dietary requirements and provided me with a Vegetarian platter/ stand of my own. 

We were given an introduction to each course and was asked if we wanted seconds.. yes please! Here’s some photos. I can throughly recommend a trip to London for this lush afternoon tea! I was such a lucky girl. 

 I hope to try the Beauty and the Beast themed Afternoon tea sometime too!

Have you been? 

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