LBB is 2!!

Today Little Bunny and Bear is officially 2!! 

2 years ago I posted my first blog post about homemade Meringues! 😋 

Since leaving the Vets I’ve blogged about my life as a newly stay at home muma , many cakes and crafts. This year has been the start of my Etsy store, me taking things a little more seriously with my homemade crafts and gifts leading to me registering my business! 

In these two years I’ve also lost the love of cake baking and decorating.. fast forward a couple more and hopefully a new kitchen and I hope to see that passion come flying back.

I have no idea where this new path will take me but I am so excited about the ride! Im so lucky to have my partner Tom, who is my biggest critic but also my biggest fan. He tells me when he believes I’m onto a good thing and financially helps my dreams become reality. I’m also a lucky girl to have such a supportive and encouraging group of friends, you all know who you are! 

When I started this post this morning I was sat in a gorgeous hair salon in the old town having my hair coloured, head over to my Instagram to check out the final result! I now finish the post sat at home after being at the hospital with bunny since 8.30 tonight. She has developed a skin reaction to her pre school vaccinations she had 5 days ago (Swollen red blotchy rash on her upper arm below the injection site) and we were asked by NHS 111 to bring her in for the oncall doctor to assess. Thankfully she’s ok, I need to keep a close eye on it to make sure it doesn’t spread or become more itchy. 

But.. between parking the car and sitting down in the waiting room, we have lost her Bunny comforter. Oh no! We have 3 in total, one she refuses to accept and one that has been accidentally left at grandmas. I pray she doesn’t wake in the night as it will be a hard job to get her to sleep without him! I’ve posted on FB that he’s missing and I’ll phone the hospital in the morning! I hope I find him! 

And Hobbycraft have let me down by not delivering a parcel that I paid for next day delivery on! Grrr, I’ve already been refunded for the delivery fee as I requested but I was so looking forward to unwrapping my new toy, a cricut machine!!! 

Anyways, it’s late now! Night y’all Xx


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