World oceans day

** UPDATE- I’ve since discovered WOD was last month, but hey let’s roll with it** 

 Most of you have probably already heard about that poor Whale found off the coast of Norway which was put down earlier this year, once investigated was found to have something like 30 plastic carrier bags inside its stomach plus other bits of plastic. Or the video of the sea turtle having a plastic straw painfully removed from its nose. And that wouldn’t be the first time (or sadly the last) something like this has been reported.

This Saturday is World Oceans Day (8/7/17).

The other weekend I shared this post on Instagram

It’s a photo of Bear with some rubbish we cleared up from a local beach one morning. I explained to the kids what we were doing and why it’s important to clear up your own rubbish and to not litter, not just the beach but anywhere. And how left rubbish can affect the environment and the animals on our planet. So they enjoyed collecting rubbish, I was careful with what they were finding to be sure that their fingers where safe at all times, it’s crazy some of the things people will leave in an area where people are bound to walk barefoot! 

After posting that post I was approached by The litter bug along with many other people with their vision of creating a global beach clean up. And as if it was meant to be this Saturday turned out to be World Oceans Day, so what a better day to try and bring people together, people who love this earth, the beach and it’s inhabitants and want to protect them.

So on Saturday if you can venture down to the beach with a bag and collect as much plastic and other litter as possible, take a photo of what you collect and upload it to social media, Instagram or Facebook. Tag myself @littlebunnyandbear and @the_litter_bug and add the #WorldOceansDay #BeachCleanUp #5minutebeachcleanup #Unite and any other tags you fancy. Get your family, your friends involved too if you can.

And of course don’t forget to recycle/ dispose of the rubbish you collect. 

If you would like to take part please let me know in the comments, it would be amazing to know if I have reached anyone via my blog! 

Make your own artwork or feel free to use my picture below:

With waves of Thankyou!!

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