Off to the cupboard with you now Chip. 

I have finally got my hands on this little beauty!!! 

My lovely friend Helena found him for me and then my amazing cousin Becky did too, so now Bunny has one too!! Hers of course will be in her bedroom up high so she can’t break him, I’m thinking maybe putting a little plant in hers, maybe a flowering cactus, or a succulent? 

Anyone else been patiently waiting for Chip? 

I’ve been keeping myself busy, creating new items for my Etsy store. I’ve been making up felt Pom Pom garlands, this come about because I made one for Bunny and loved it so much thought I’d pop some on the shop.

You can find the link to my shop here, these are priced at an introductory offer of £6.50 plus P&P. 

And today I’ve been using my new watercolour brushes and paper today, my summer inspired ice lollies;

What have you all been up to? 

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