My 3rd and favourite Wedding Cake.

 Hi all, this post has taken me a while to write, summer holidays coming to an end so I’m hoping to be a little better with my blogging activities!

Some lovely friends of ours got married on Saturday 26th August, it was an amazing day. 

They had asked me to make their wedding cake when they first got engaged, which I was honoured to do so.

Becky opted for a semi naked cake with Gypsophilia around the base of each tier and on the top. Tom supplied the cake stand which he cut from a tree trunk in our garden. Said tree trunk was one end of my washing line.. Gee thanks Thomas!

The cake I wanted to be as fresh as possible, so it wasnt baked til the day before. Ive not yet tried the making and freezing of the sponges in advance, if you have any tips for that please feel free to share. The cake was then cut, filled, stacked and iced that evening.
The bottom and top tiers were Vanilla sponge with vanilla buttercream icing and strawbery conserve. The middle tier was Lemon, with lemon buttercream icing and curd. That one was AMAZING!

The Gypsophilia – I used 5 bunches in total and they looked really pretty around the cake. This was also the flowers that the bridal party had and the buttonholes for the grooms party. None of the flowers were poked into the cake.

The tiers were 11″, 9″ & 7″. The bottom tier didnt get cut, so the nextday it was taken to the local nursing home. Such a lovely idea.

It was a little scary setting the cake up at the venue whilst all the grooms party (including Tom, he was 1 or 4 bestmen) and the couples family members where setting up the venue. Im forever worried that something will go wrong and if it did there would have been plenty of witnesses. The cake had plenty of support inside so it could take the weight of the tier above, which were heavy, but the buttercream softened so much due to the hot weather I was convinced it was going to go wrong. Alas, all was perfect when I went back later in the afternoon for the wedding reception.

I had a pretty large slice of the lemon cake which I shared with Bear!

And here’s a photo of the lovely flowers I was given during the speeches, that literally made my day, to be appreciated like that, So thoughtful of them! 


To the wedding I wore a candy striped blue and white dress with flamingos on, Both Bunny and bear had flamingos on their outfits too.

My dress and wedges were from Newlook, Bunnys dress she picked out herself from TU for Sainsbury’s with shoes from Next, and Bears shirt was from River Island with a pink bow tie, shoes and shorts from Next. I put his shoes on without socks, be he refused to be barefoot. Check out them socks!!! 

The price of the kids shoes were unbelievable though… Bears cost more than mine!! Gulp!

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