Polar express inspired printable for your home.

Oh yes, I am bringing out the Christmas me, to be fair I am never not all about Christmas, but surly it’s acceptable to start discussing it now? Right? 

One of Bears fav Xmas films is The polar express, with that in mind designed this print for my Etsy store. It’s a digital download, so you can easily print at home or email the file to a printers! 

I thought it would make a cute but of seasonal decor, taped or framed somewhere, anywhere.. from the porch to the lounge. 

If your not familiar with the film The polar express this bell represents the bell that Santa takes from a reindeers sleigh harness and gives, as the first gift of Christmas to a little boy. And the bell will only sound to those who truly believe… 

I’ve got some bits I’m working on for Christmas and as of tomorrow school is officially back, so I will have a bit more time to sort them out! Watch this space. If you’d like to find the digital download, click here. I hope you like it 😘

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