Where’s my routine gone?

Today was Bears second day back to school and her first day back to nursery.

They have driven me INSANE over the last 6 weeks, but my god I was not prepared for the lost feeling I had today, after dropping them both off.

I phoned Tom, my sister and my Dad… no reason atall, just for a chat cause I was feeling lost. 

I went home and done a few bits for my Etsy store, but things were going wrong so I decided to put that to the side and pop into town as I had a few bits to take back. 

Ive ordered some Dungarees from ASOS and was looking for some tops to wear underneath them, I found one top! Then I spent forever bra shopping in Debenhams, and came away with nothing because they didn’t have my size in the bras I wanted, being top heavy I find bra shopping painful! So walking back to the car empty handed was annoying. But seeing my cheeky girl made me smile, I swear no one would believe me because they know how much she has been pressing my buttons lately. 

After picking the big fella up from school we done a quick trip to the shops as I have been seriously slacking with the food shopping of late, I don’t mind the food shop as long as some ones with me, but I hate doing it on my own. So I usually Internet shop for click and collect- I don’t even have a reason why I’ve been lazy with that, need to get back on it! #WheresMyRoutineAt?? 

I’m looking forward to getting back into a routine with school and nursery. And as of next week I’ll be volunteering at school one morning a week and reading with the year 3s. Quite excited about that! 

September is proving to be a busy one with parties, bears birthday is coming up and I’ve not sorted a party for him yet… Bad Mumma! With all his other invites his party is going to be like a month late at this rate! Ugh!

Speaking of his birthday, does anyone have any present ideas for a 6 year old? I was thinking about a tablet of sorts, one that he can use to play maths games etc, I’m not 100% sure as I’ve never liked them wanting to constantly be on people’s phones etc. But he is getting older is it now time for him to have one?? Any suggestions? 

Oh and today, my conservatory was ripped down!!!! Bring on the new one!! Craft space ✔️ Utility space ✔️ Office space ✔️ 

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