Countdown for Mumma.

Check me out, this year I have been on 2 holidays completely child free!!!

Both holidays were with my best friends, my first with my friend Amie to Tenerife for winter sun! And the second with my  friend Becks, to join her as her bridesmaid to watch her say ‘I do’ in Cyprus.

Leaving the kids the first time wasn’t easy but after I realised I could, and I was fine (and more importantly- they were fine) Cyprus was a breeze! But to soften the blow (and to gain more Mummy points after feeling so horribly guilty) I created both times a little count down, using my light box for the kids to do everyday. Everyday they also were given a gift to open! (Told you I was feeling guilty!!) 

It was a count down till mummy came home! They both loved it. It was something exciting for them to look forward to each morning… and made me feel a little less mean for jetting away! Haha!! 

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