Happy new year.

So 2017 was not my year for blogging, with that in mind I’m planning some changes to help me blog more regularly.

I’m thinking of having set days that I post, maybe 2 or 3 a week? Maybe a little ambitious? We’ll stick with 2. I am thinking of revamping the blog, and cleansing it from content I no longer want on here. Brainstorming themes/ areas to base my posts on and my blog around. I am not the most interesting of persons so that one may take a while to figure out.

Do you blog? Do you have any tips on blog motivation and planning.

So how was 2017?

Ours was busy, Toms business is doing well but causes him a lot of stress. My etsy store has been trickling orders in regularly, and Christmas really gave my sales a big boost. As expected no orders since Christmas but I haven’t thrown myself into that yet since.

Bunny turned 4, Bear turned 6, I turned 30!!!!!!! Yep, like when… how… why did that happen…. I exercised regularly, then stopped (currently feeling not so pleased with myself, especially after the festive season), I went on 2 holidays totally childfree – one as a bridesmaid for my best friend which I mentioned in my last post.

We had our leaky conservatory ripped down and replaced with a very fancy extension looking conservatory, we had a new boiler installed into the kitchen, that created a lot of mess and caused us to rip half the kitchen out in order to fit it (We still only have half a kitchen). The airing cupboard and hot water tank was taken out of Bunnys room and it was given a makeover including replastering.

Our family suffered some heartache, we went on a family holiday to Devon with my Mum and Dad, I found some amazing new friends which make my life in Hastings complete, I begged Tom for a baby- It hasn’t worked.

We finally got a dishwasher, huge news right there. How did we live without one for soooo long. I made another wedding cake and Tom was best man. Bear lost his first tooth but gained some glasses. And the tumble dryer broke.

As you can imagine a lot of other things have been going on that I haven’t had the time to blog about. Either that or a majority of the above is pretty boring topics, and I’m well aware they are very usual topics and life highlights.

We have a lot planned for 2018, house wise. New Year’s Day we started reprinting the bathroom, our bathroom is tiny, and when I say that I bet you picture something that is still so much bigger than ours. And me and my bright ideas painted it a deep purple colour….. why?? So it’s now being painted in Dulux Rock Salt, a much lighter brighter colour. Phew. Post to follow when it’s complete. Our next big project is the kitchen and dining room followed by the deck and garden. So I have been pintresting kitchen inspo ideas and I can’t believe how much my taste has changed in terms of what I think I want it to eventually look like. Toms going to contact a friend of his who will hopefully be able to help us and give me to guidance. So watch this space.

Tomorrow is the kids first day back at school and nursery. I’ve plans with my sister in law to get her wedding invitation inserts printed cut and ready to go into the invitations. I doubt I’ll be able to get up on time, but we have hope. But the fact it’s now midnight, doesn’t give me a lot of it.

So if your still reading, I wish you a very happy new year and a heartfelt thanks for sticking with me, despite my lack of worthwhile content.


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