Brushed copper lights.

As some of you may know from earlier posts, we are in need of a new kitchen, Scrap that, in DIRE need of a new kitchen.

Last year I decided that I would stop purchasing kitchen items, and wait til we actually had the new kitchen underway, this was a real struggle for me as I am drawn to pretty kitchen items. The start of this year me and Tom have seriously been talking about getting moving with it and get it started.

I was showing him some of my pinterest saves for my Kitchen inspo ideas, and he asked me about some light fittings that were in most of the photos I liked. I was in love with the idea of having some dropped lights over the theoretical breakfast bar. He agreed and the next thing I know is weve purchased some gorgeous ones from Habitat.

Habitat light
We have got two, they are lush.

At the moment they are 20% off, it was my first order with them so I got an extra £10 off plus free delivery. Find them here.

My kitchen inspo board has changed alot since I started it. But if youd like to check it out you can find it here: Kitchen Inspo.


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