Nursery decor stickers – Aldi. 

The title says nursery, but I’ve picked one of these up for Bear who’s 6!! 

I found these amazing wall stickers from Aldi, I’m yet to put it on the wall. Ideally his room needs decorating, but I’m not sure when we will get around to doing so. Also he always asks for a football pitch kinda green 😖😖 And that puts me off a little haha! 

But these are only £1.99!!!! Seriously Amazing value!! 

Sadly I didn’t find one that would fit in with Bunnys decor in her room. I’ll show you the ones I like for her bedroom at the end of this post – they are more costly though.

The above is the one I chose for Bear, and here’s a screenshot off the app of the others they have available! 

I’ll post on my Instagram account when I’ve finally stuck it on the wall. 

And here are the ones I ADORE from Belle and Boo for her room. 

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