Kitchen update.

Finally I have some updates for you. So we had the kitchen delivered!!!!!

That day, I was so so excited. I mean I’ve been waiting for this day for nearly 8 years!!

Before ‘Kitchen day’ we had had so much work done in the kitchen and dining area,

It’s been stressful, having 2 children to cook and clean for whilst dealing with this was no fun. We done well, to start with anyway. We didn’t opt for takeaways every night (mainly due to me being on slimming world though). I cooked dinner in the steamer, microwave and Toms fishing gas stove. But as the weeks rolled into nearly a whole month I was going stir crazy.

We was washing up in the garden on sunny days and in the bath on cold rainy days.

Then things really started coming together.

There will be another update soon, after a few more bits have been done. But the oven and hob are both in and working. We have our lights (few posts back) hanging over the breakfast bar now. But the dishwasher and washing machine will hopefully be put in tomorrow, I also need to finish the painting’ it’s such a big space.

And check out these stunning socket covers our electrician sourced for us.

So check back soon, for the grand opening I hope. I sometimes story my kitchen updates on my Instagram LittleBunnyAndBear so give me a follow if you’d like to see more pictures also.

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