Back on the reading wagon.

Happy June guys.

In Hastings we’ve been having some lush weather of late, and on Sunday we chilled in the garden most of the day.

We picked up some new garden furniture the other day, second hand from someone locally who advertised it on Facebook. So I lounged on it reading a book which I’ve attempted to read once already and never finished/ really got into.

My favourite author is Paige Toon, and her latest novel Five years from now I’ve got saved for my holiday at the end of this month. But I still hadn’t finished her last on The last piece of my heart.

The last piece of my heart introduces us to Bridget, a successful travel journalist who is in the midst of making her relationship blog into a book. Bridget’s priorities start to change when she’s tasked with finishing a sequel to a bestselling novel whose author tragically passed away. And she’s introduced to Charlie the grieving husband.

I think I found this book hard to get into because I took it with me to Cyprus where I went last October to be my best friends Bridesmaid, I wasn’t there for long so didn’t really find the time to sit and really get into it. Once I picked it up again this weekend I couldn’t put it down. Another fantastic book from Paige. I’ve written a post about some of her previous books, you can find that blog post here.

I picked these two up from Tesco today, £3.00 & £4.00. I’ve not read any other books from these authors but they sounded like my kind of book.

Would love to know your recommendations!

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