Dinos by Bear 

The other night after school Bear came home and drew this picture of dinosaurs, I looked at it and fell in love!

The character in them simple drawings jumped out at me and I had an idea.

I scanned it onto our computer and sent it to my IPad where, using the app Procreate a copied over his dinosaurs, added some super simple colouring.. Here’s the scanned image.

And here is his final piece, complete with names.

I adore this, and best yet so does he. He’s so thrilled that I worked on a piece of his artwork. I’ve even set it as my phone background and he looked so proud.

I’ve ordered some prints of these, one for his room which I’ll frame as a surprise for him. And some more to upload to my Etsy. I have a few friends that have fallen for them too and have said they would like one. I’ll also supply them as digital downloads so that you can print them from home and frame, they would make a cute addition to a dinosaur themed room.


This boy, over the last year he has enjoyed creating drawings so much. His drawing skills have blossomed so much, he’s won 2 awards at school this year already for 2 of them.

I’m super proud of my boy, and I love that he’s proud of himself too.

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