Printable Disney Bookmarks..

On Friday mornings I volunteer at Bears school and read with one of the year 2 classes. I’ve really enjoyed doing this, I’ve done it throughout the year and am always surprised by how few parents actually volunteer. Our school believes in bringing home and school together and encourage parents to get involved with school life, that could be listening to individual pupils reading like I do, or playing maths games with them.

I came to realise quite soon after I started that the children love having people come to the class. I’ve gotten to know the children and so therefore, with the schoool holiday fast approaching I wanted to gift them a little something to say Thankyou for the past year. And as much as I’d love to gift them all a book for them to enjoy over the holidays, they are all at different levels and I don’t have that kind of money to spend.

I’ve settled on sweets and a bookmark. I was going to design the bookmark myself but on a Pinterest search I came across these. Printable Disney bookmarks. I wanted to share them with you all too.

There is 8 to choose from, I’m just going to print off a bunch of them and they can choose which they would like. My favourites are the Peter Pan, Little Mermaid and Tangled ones.

I would like to laminate them, but I don’t have a laminator so I’ll print them onto some thick card and hope that they last long enough for them to at least get them home!

You can find the printables here.

I think Bear will like the Zootropolis, Peter Pan, Pooh Bear & Mickey Mouse one & Bunny will love the Little mermaid, Tangled and Frozen ones.

Which ones your favourite?

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