Most likely my last one…

And the bells are ringing out…. not for Christmas Day, but for my lovely brother and sister in law who got married on Friday 10th August.

I wanted to show you the wedding cake I created for them, which is most likely my last one. But hey, I said that last time right?

So here is, a three tiered semi naked cake, vanilla sponge with buttercream and strawberry jam top and bottom and a tangy middle tier of Lemon. Decorate with a personalised cake topper, fruit and eucalyptus.

I was also a bridesmaid, and we travelled up to the wedding the day before so the cake travelled unstacked in individual boxes. I wanted to stack and decorate it early on the day of the wedding, but I wasn’t able to do so, so after the ceremony in church we headed to the beautiful venue and got cracking. My sister in law (not the one who got married) helped me, or came for the fruit I’m not sure.

I came across two issues whilst doing the cake, first was that I had assumed the cake table would be set against the wall, it wasn’t. This meant that the cake stand that Tom had prepared for me was visible from all angles. My concern with that was that the little bits of wood I was using to make the stand perfectly level could be seen from the back. Luckily it wasn’t overly noticeable so not the end of the world.

Second issue I had was more of a pain. So as I mentioned I delivered the cake to the venue the day before as asked. The eucalyptus was in a box to travel, with some green florist tape. On the wedding day I realised that they had thrown out said box and said tape the night before. No one could find it, they were very apologetic, but still.

What this meant was that I didn’t have the florist tape to tape up the stems of the eucalyptus and therefore poke them into the sponge. I had to settle for placing them under the tiers, so they were in top of the cake and under the cake board above. Luckily there was also a crack in the cake stand which was the perfect placement for a bunch of the foliage.

On the whole the cake was a success and I was so so happy with it. It tasted fab (or at least the lemon did, that was the only one I tried) and looked lovely.

It was a beautiful day, they both looked amazing and so so in love.

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