Time for a change.

Hello stranger you say!? Yes I am so sorry it has been months since I last posted. I am literally worse than a lazy blogger (my IG bio), I’m practically a pretend blogger.

I tend to blog on my IG stories more. If your not following me, please do. Come and say hi! @LittleBunnyAndBear

So I’ve been thinking of revamping and kickstarting the blog again. I don’t bake very much at all anymore. And although I am very proud of my cakes, I don’t think my gallery page is needed anymore. I’ll still keep my tutorial / cake display posts. But will be changing things up a bit.

So watch this space! A lot has changed since I last blogged, I’ve lost 3st in weight, we finished our kitchen (sort of), my sister had a baby (early) to name a few.


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  1. 🙂 Change is good and welcome back to the world of blogging!


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