Dinos by Bear 

The other night after school Bear came home and drew this picture of dinosaurs, I looked at it and fell in love! The character in them simple drawings jumped out at me and I had an idea. I scanned it onto our computer and sent it to my IPad where, using the app Procreate a…

Baby shower badges

The other day I attended my friends baby shower, this was the first baby shower I have been too where the mummas daughter also attended and it got me thinking.  Do the new big sis to bes get my special treatement like Mumma?  I made up some matching Mummy and Big Sis floral fabric badges…

Mermaid Kisses

Everyone knows someone who loves mermaids, let me rephrase that… someone who should be a mermaid!!  If so this print is perfect for them, or you!  I designed this fo Bunnys bedroom (Which is being plastered tomorrow – YAY!!!).  It’s available as a digital download over in my Etsy store, which means your purchase the…

Off to the cupboard with you now Chip. 

I have finally got my hands on this little beauty!!!  My lovely friend Helena found him for me and then my amazing cousin Becky did too, so now Bunny has one too!! Hers of course will be in her bedroom up high so she can’t break him, I’m thinking maybe putting a little plant in…

Personalised Teepee bedroom decor 

Find my new listing here. £6.50 plus postage.  More fabrics will be added soon. My favourite fabric at the moment is this cactus one. Bears was the Narl Whale one! 

My first feature

Yes, Ive had my first esty listing featured! Would love to say my work was found out of the blue, but I actually came across Clares post on facebook looking for nautical themed items. I sent her the link to my Ahoy Matey downloadable print and to my astonishment she has picked my product to…

Nursery printables.

I’ve uploaded this week to my Etsy store these gorgeous Woodland animal nursery decor prints.  You can find the listing here at just £10.80 (including VAT). You’ll get the files available for you to download and print at home or online, all whilst sipping a latte or maybe a glass of wine. I’m actually looking for someone…

Give away..

Over on my Facebook page and Instagram I am running a giveaway which finishes this Friday!  I am picking a winner from each who will receive a digital download of their choice.  Here are some that you could choose from. If you’d like to enter head on over via the link above! 👍🏼 💋 

Eucalyptus obsessed!

I love the look of eucalyptus leaves! I’ve recently featured them in two of my digital downloads.  Visit my shop here. And check out what I’ve been designing lately!  😘✌🏼

For the Superhero in your life. 

I designed this superhero/ Marvel print for a friends sons birthday!  I think they would look equally awesome printed and framed individually!  These will be available as digital downloads via my Etsy page soon. What you think? Speaking of Etsy, have you checked out my page yet?  Little Bunny and Bear Etsy Shop.