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Livias Kitchen Peanut Butter Caramel Slabs

I need to get back on track with my snacking, for some time last year I was making healthy versions of treats for me to have in the evenings, which is my danger time but over Christmas things went totally south! As they should over the festive season! Last week I was introduced to Livias… Continue reading Livias Kitchen Peanut Butter Caramel Slabs

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Natural yogurt and Lemon curd Frozen lollies.

These are refreshing after dinner and pretty handy when your craving something sweet. Two ingredients – Natural Yogurt & Lemon Curd. You will need ice lolly molds, my ones are from Primark. Mix your natural yogurt with a large dollop of Lemon Curd, I used Tescos finest for this. Pour into your ice lolly moulds… Continue reading Natural yogurt and Lemon curd Frozen lollies.

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Another cheat, another Crumble!

   Following on from my post Cheats Crumble I have since made 3 crumbles and have NOT CHEATED with the crumble topping! Yes you heard right, I got my hands (And nails 😣) dirty!!!  But today when I was making the crumble I had a dig through the cupboards to see what other gems I could find… Continue reading Another cheat, another Crumble!

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Slimming world baked oats!

    Needing to devour something sweet in the evenings is my MASSIVE downfall!!!  Recently as some of you may already know I’ve been trying things that arnt totally horrendous for my figure and are better than wanting to eat my body weight in chocolate.  So tonight I tried Slimming Worlds Baked oats with Raspberries. You… Continue reading Slimming world baked oats!