Nursery or not to nursery 

Before I left my previous job, and started my VN career break J went to nursery one and a half days a week and spent the other half day with my mother in law. 

But Bunny didn’t attend nursery, she has since started though. 

And at times I find myself doubting if she should be. I think, what if people think badly of me for sending her to nursery when I am no longer out working but working for Toms business from home, and that I must be a bad parent for sending her when I am at home, or attending an exercise class I do on a Friday morning whilst she is at nursery!  

Speaking of guilt, my best friend who has just started a blog MummyNeedsVino wrote a hilariously truthful post titled The guilty truth. Check her out, I’ve always told her she should write a book, even before she had he two beautiful bubbas if something hilariously bad was going to happen it would happen to her.

But back to the reason for my original post.

Today J had two parties, one for a new friend at school and another for his nursery bestie! Watching these 3 lovely boys (all dressed as superheros) together really pulled at your heart strings, they LOVE each other! Of course they have their arguments, so and so pushed me and so on, but they do love each other. They light up when they see each other! And since they don’t go to the same school, they haven’t seen eachother since they left nursery! 

Sending J to nursery enabled him to meet these two best friends as well as many others. Some that he now goes to school with, which has most likely made the transition from nursery to school more barable and enjoyable. I am not saying that children who go to school with no friends from nursery do not settle because that is not the case. But I know for J it did help!

But today, witnessing my happy beautiful fun loving boy with his friends he chose himself made me realise, I am doing the right thing sending Bunny to nursery, she already has a friend she speaks of all the time and I can tell they will be firm friends throughout their time at nursery. And the ladies who look after her there have known her since forever and they adore her, as they do all their children! She is in totally safe and fun hands! There are so many benefits to a decent nursery, and I can see that in J!

Try not to worry about what others may think about your parenting choices, what works for you will not necessarily work for someone else and likewise.

I hope J will be friends with these two nursery friends forever, as long as us mummas make the effort I’m sure they will!

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