Oxford Tree reading books for Bear.

Bear has been coming on miles with his reading, and it’s one thing he loves to do is sit and read a book, or read to me. 

Today he took to reading the car manule, Twice! 

Ive slowly been picking up more books for him from the boot sales, ones that are used at school. 

And you all must remember the Biff and Chip books? Who can forget lovable floppy?

 So after a recommendation from a friend I looked online to get him level 2 and 3. I check out the Book people, the book depository etc but they were still quite pricey. I found a set of 16, 8 level 2 and 8 level 3s for £19.99!!! And free delivery- Total bargain. 

He was very excited to receive them in the post and sat and read everyone of them right then and there. He amazes me, completing his first year at school has been emotional but I’m so proud of him, he’s a clever bean. Probably didn’t need to worry about the level 2s. 

Do you have any book recommendations for the early readers? 

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