Bears birthday.

Friday my boy was 6… 6! And I know everyone says the same, where has the time gone, it feels like only yesterday he was born etc… and I am no exception. It really does feel like yesterday he was born, wrapped up and rushed out the door before I had even set eyes on his face, all I saw were two blue looking little legs. It was horrendous, but I’m well aware not as horrendous as some birth stories. He spent 4 days in the special care baby unit and I felt 4 days on the ward feeling utterly lost, lost every time Tom was kicked out of the ward because visiting hours finished. 

It was a couple of days in before a lovely nurse said to me, he’s your baby, you visit him as often as you like. Because before she had said that, no one had explained to my 24 year old self that I could walk off the ward and into SCBU when I wanted to, I felt the need for permission.

But, moving on 6 years from the day he was born, he turned 6. He had to go to school, which he was more than happy to do especially as it meant taking some sweets into class with a Lightning McQueen stickers on.

For his clas at school bought sweets and put them into penny sweet bags, wrapped up and sealed with a sticker. I printed the stickers from my laptop, pretty makeshift as you can see; I printed them onto paper first, then lined up my stickers so the printer printed into the right place, the using washi tape secured the stickers over the paper and ran it through the printer, hey presto. NOTE – if you do this, make sure you secure all edges of the sticky labels so that it doesn’t get caught up in th printer and cause a jam and to ensure the printer does not leave ink smears on the labels. 

Bunny made him a lovely card whilst she was at nursery, with the help of her nursery ladies. She told them all of her brothers favourite things, and she got it down to a T.

Over the years he has had on his cake, Mickey Mouse, Tractor, Trains, Diggers, Paw patrol and this year I done Disney cars. And chose one of his favourite scenes from the movie.

It was vanilla sponge with super silky Swiss buttercream icing, strawberry jam with fresh strawberrys and blueberries. Mmmm yummy.

His sisters present to him was a few Disney cars to add to his collection. Me and dad, we decided to get him an amazon kindle kids fire thingy, after a lot of people suggesting it I read up on the tablet, which came with 2 years worry free warranty and a years subscription to the amazing kids unlimited, for books, games and apps. It has some really good features on it, one being we can set the tablet to ask him to complete 20 mins, 30 mins, 1 hours worth of reading / maths before he has access to games. Which is fab, I will do it so he has to read or do maths for 10 minutes after school before he has the chance to play any games, that reading will either be on the tablet or his new books we got him, which you can read about here. I’m so used to apple technology I’m finding the fire kids a little confusing ha. I’ll bring you an update on that soon.

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