What’s that you say??

So as usual, I’ve been a bit MIA.

A few things that are new with us;

  • We picked our new kitchen!!!!!
  • I started slimming world.
  • We had a mini holiday to Cornwall.
  • Bunny got her school placement with her brother!! Yay.


You read that right, we are finally getting a new Kitchen!!! We have chosen ours from Wren Kitchens. I hadn’t heard of them until recently, we drove up to our nearest showroom which is near Maidstone, and I was in heaven. I mean these kitchens are on another level- they are gorgeous!! I walked around that showroom with Tom and the kids acting like it was my new home.

I fell in love with a white gloss handless kitchen with, wait for it, COPPER PROFILES!!

We went back another day to start designing it with them

I won’t bore you too much with all the details, not just yet. I’m going to dedicate a whole post to that bad boy!

Slimming world.

I started 12 weeks ago, and I am 4.5lb away from loosing 2.5 stone. I have taken to slimming world so much faster and easier than I thought I would. And I’m not a pro slimming world kinda girl. It’s not a fad diet, it’s not starving yourself, it’s a lifestyle. And one I plan to upkeep. Saying that, I have a few things coming up that may effect my weight loss journey but hey, that’s life- I’ll deal with it and and then dust myself off and crack on with it afterwards.


Oh that was a beauty! 3 nights away with Natural Retreats in Cornwall with the kids, Tom and his family. We had a lovely time. Nothing beats family time, right? Some beach combing, crabing in Padstow and a trip to the Eden Project ✔️


Bunny was offered a place in reception at the same school as Bear so that was a happy day.

How are you all? Anything new and exciting?

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